Welcome to Cauthorne Sports Academy….

We offer a fun, healthy and encouraging environment to develop your athlete to their fullest potential. Whether your athlete is playing recreation sports, school sports or wanting to take it to the ultimate level with college, we can help them achieve it!

We accomplish this with state of the art training and skill development using the most current proven technology in our instruction to push your athlete to their potential while keeping them healthy and strong.

Our Softball instruction is unique from others as we have the only certified Tincher Pitching instructor, Chris Cauthorne, in the Central VA area. Chris only teaches the true Fluid Dynamics techniques that have been proven to be successful across the Nation.

Our Baseball instructor, Joe VanMeter, is a current professional baseball player that leverages the latest technology, training and theories to take your ball player to the next level.

We utilize, understand and apply Kinetic Chain for both Softball and Baseball hitting to maximize the potential to excel your athlete’s performance.

To book lessons, simply click here for “Baseball” or “Softball”.

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